Characterizing the anisotropic conductivity of 3D printed conductors using scanning impedance microscopy in three dimensions

MSc assignment

Previously we have shown that it is possible to measure the electric field inside a 3D printed sheet by mounting a ball-head pogo pin on a 3D printed and scanning the sheet's surface. In this assignment, you will extend this method by mounting the ball-head pogo pin on a 3D printer equipped with a rotary tool, repeatedly 3D printing and measuring after each printed layer.

Also, the electric field distribution does not say anything about the actual conductivity of the 3D printed conductor. Therefore you will also look into processing this data using already developed inverse FEM simulations that determine the anisotropic conductivity and resistance in the structure from the measured electric field.

The assignment requires knowledge from electronics and modeling using FEM simulations, and therefore, the assignment is most suitable for students doing the master Electrical Engineering.