Optimization of the electrode number and placement for Irreversible electroporation treatment

MSc assignment

Project Description

Recently, a non-thermal ablation technique, Irreversible Electroporation (IRE), has shown promising results for treating tumors. IRE utilizes an electric field in the tumor cell membrane via several probes inserted into the patient body. Accurate probe placement is essential in this procedure, since misplacement of the probes may leave tumor remains.

To assist the clinician with precise probe placement, a 3D finite element model is commonly used to model and predict the result of the ablated region. In the previous study, we modeled the tumor as a spherical object to facilitate the calculation. However, the result is less accurate due to the simplification of the tumor shape. Therefore, in this project, the goal is to optimize the number and placement of multiple electrodes in order to cover the tumor region by considering the irregular shape of the tumor in the finite element model.


Finite Element Model, Irreversible Electroporation, Optimization, Electrode Configuration



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