Programmes and Courses

Through the years, Robotics and Mechatronics has been popular amongst students as a group for doing a BSc- or MSc-project. Typical for the work in Robotics and Mechatronics is the multidisciplinary systems approach.

To reach an optimal result / system design, a background is necessary in (some of) the underlying disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Mechatronic Engineering, Systems Engineering. However, the scope of the educational programme is broader. The analysis and design philosophy and the tools used for designing robotic and mechatronic systems (modelling and simulation, controller design, image processing and realisations in embedded computer systems) are applicable to many technical and non-technical systems. It is therefore not surprising that graduates from the group Robotics and Mechatronics easily find interesting jobs in a wide variety of application areas.


The Robotics and Mechatronics group participates in the following programmes:

Furthermore, regularly, students of MSc Biomedical Engineering, and MSc Mechanical Engineering do their final project in our lab. Our courses are attended not only by students following the programmes we participate in and students we see in the lab for their final project, but also students from Industrial Design Engineering.

The language for the MSc programmes is English.

Before starting with the MSc programme Electrical Engineering with us (so the specialisation Robotics and Mechatronics), or the MSc programme Systems and Control with us (so the specialisation Robotics & Mechatronics), your study programme should be approved by the programme coordinator, Gijs Krijnen. For more information on these programmes and approval of your MSc study programme, please contact Gijs Krijnen ( or our secretary Mrs. Jolanda Boelema-Kaufmann:


The Robotics and Mechatronics group is responsible for many courses in the BSc and MSc phases. Below is an overview of the courses that are taught. 

BSc Phase

Course code Course name Inquiries
201700273 PSMC in CS/EE-M10: Cyber-Physical Systems Douwe Dresscher
201700273 ECSI in CS/EE-M10: Cyber-Physical Systems Jan Broenink
201800408 Systems Engineering in EE-M11: Electr. Syst. Design Jan Broenink
201700087 Signal Processing in EE-M1: IEEE Momen Abayazid
201700145 Coordinator of EE-M6: Systems & Control Gijs Krijnen
201700145 Control Engineering in EE-M6: Syst. & Control Stefano Stramigioli
201700145 Dynamic Systems in EE-M6: Syst. & Control Wesley Roozing / Geert Folkertsma
201700145 Project Mechatronics in EE-M6: Syst. & Control Gijs Krijnen
201700076 Coordinator of AT-M6: Systems & Control Gijs Krijnen
201700076 Control Engineering in AT-M6: Syst. & Control Stefano Stramigioli
201700076 Dynamic Systems in AT-M6: Syst. & Control Jan Broenink / Geert Folkertsma
201700076 Project Mechatronics in AT-M6: Syst. & Control Gijs Krijnen
20170030 Design Honours Module Gijs Krijnen

MSc Phase

Course code Course name Inquiries
191211080 Systems Engineering Jan Broenink
191211090 Real-Time Software Development Jan Broenink
191211110 Modelling and Simulation Wesley Roozing / Geert Folkertsma
191211060 Modern Robotics Geert Folkertsma / Stefano Stramigioli
191210920 Optimal Estimation in Dynamic Systems Ferdi van der Heijden
201500140 Introduction project Systems & Control  
191210910 Image Processing and Computer Vision Momen Abayazid
201000168 Embedded Systems Laboratory Jan Broenink
191210431 Dynamic Systems Wesley Roozing / Geert Folkertsma
20190093 Control Systems Design for Mechatronics T.J.A. de Vries
201400313 Systems Engineering - PDEng Jan Broenink
201200168 Segmentation and Visualisation Kees Slump / Ferdi van der Heijden
201000262 Surgical Navigation Technology Ferdi van der Heijden
201200167 Imaging Techniques Kees Slump
201400427 Transducer Science Gijs Krijnen
201700173 Control for UAVs Geert Folkertsma
191211690 EMstatics Gijs Krijnen