3D printed stretchable 2D pressure-sensitive shoe sole by using multi-frequency impedance tomography

MSc assignment

Previously we have shown that it is possible to measure both the force and the position of the force applied on a long and thin 3D printed differential capacitive force sensor. This was done by fabricating the electrodes of the differential sensor from piezoresistive material, which makes the sensor behave like a lossy transmission line. In this case, the imaginary part of the impedance is only dependent on the force, while the real part is also dependent on the position.

In your assignment, you will be extending this technique to create a stretchable force-sensitive touch screen like shoe sole. To do this, you will extend the previously developed sensor with more electrodes such that current flows through the sensor in multiple directions and use multiple frequencies. To understand the behavior of the sensor, you will extend the already existing model of the sensor such that it can be used to predict the behavior of the sensor in two dimensions.

The assignment requires knowledge from electronics and modeling using differential equations, and therefore, the assignment is most suitable for students doing the master Electrical Engineering.