DigiWorld - DIY Fast-Tracking “Robotic” Camera

BSc assignment

This bachelor's thesis proposes the development of a do-it-yourself (DIY) fast-tracking robotic camera system. The project aims to create an affordable and accessible solution of a “dynamic robotic camera” for tracking fast-moving objects or subjects in various environments. Current fast framing and auto-tracking cameras are expensive, ranging from hundreds of euros to more than thousands of euros. We want to design a cheap solution (less than 100 euros) for DIY enthusiasts and make the resources open to the public.

The system will consist of a robotic camera mount equipped with motors, sensors, and a camera capable of rapid movement and precise tracking. Utilizing open-source hardware and software components, the project will focus on designing a user-friendly interface for controlling the camera's movement and tracking behaviour. The research will involve prototyping, testing, and optimization of the robotic camera system to ensure reliable performance and accuracy. The ultimate goal is to empower enthusiastic students with the tools to capture dynamic scenes with ease and creativity. Later on, the designed camera setup would be installed/integrated with robots.