Maaike Koenrades wins the 2020 Overijssel PhD award

The winner of the 2020 Overijssel PhD Award was announced during the Dies Natalis ceremony today. The prize went to UT researcher Maaike Koenrades for her doctoral thesis about the behaviour of stent-grafts: vascular implants composed of fabric tube (graft) supported by a metal structure (stent) that are placed inside patients with an aortic aneurysm.

Overijssel PhD Award - PhD Maaike Koenrades

Maaike Koenrades defended her doctoral thesis, entitled ‘On evaluating stent‒artery interaction in abdominal aortic stent grafting. An in-depth analysis of longitudinal and pulsatility related behaviour’, on November 1st, 2019 successfully and she graduated ‘with distinction’.

Doctoral Thesis

The developed and applied methods in the doctoral thesis enabled Koenrades to visualize and quantify in vivo stent-graft response and improve our understanding of the ongoing interplay of the device and the vessel. The work presented contributes to the foundation of informed shared decision making in device selection, sizing, positioning, and surveillance, and the prediction of failure in an early stage. Moreover, this work supports the development of sound preclinical tests. 

Master Thesis and TGS Award

She started her work as a student in Technical Medicine. She defended her master thesis entitled ‘Longitudinal Study on Pulsatility and Expansion in Abdominal Aortic Stent-grafts’ with dedication and she received her Master Technical Medicine graduation ‘with distinction’. The high quality of her work was also externally recognized and she received the honourable Twente Graduate School award.

Evaluation Committee

According to the evaluation committee, the quality of her original scientific work presented is without a doubt outstanding. This is reflected by the impact factors of the journals and the great appreciation for her work during presentations at international vascular meetings such as LINC and the ESVS. Maaike Koenrades is the winner of the European Society of Vascular Surgery poster price 2018 (chapter 3). Out of more than 600 abstracts, she was invited for an oral presentation in Valencia with the outcome mentioned above.

Overijssel PhD Award

The Overijssel PhD award is annually awarded for a doctoral thesis of outstanding academic quality. Each UT faculty and research institute can nominate one dissertation. The prize is supported by the province of Overijssel and consists of €5,000 and a certificate.

Maaike Koenrades

Maaike Koenrades has a degree in Technical Medicine and has worked as a researcher and doctoral student at the University of Twente (Techmed Centrum) and Medisch Spectrum Twente since 2015. On 1 November 2019 Koenrades received her PhD cum laude with her thesis On evaluating stent–artery interaction in abdominal aortic stent grafting. Her promotors were Professor R.H. Geelkerken (MST/UT) and Professor C.H. Slump (UT). On 4 November 2019 Koenrades began work at MST as a technical physician and project leader in 3D technology innovation, to strengthen and expand the 3D Medical Lab at MST.