Creating a universal, MR safe robotic platform for diverse medical MRI procedures

Finished: 2019-12-18

MSc assignment

MRI scanners are widely used as a static imaging system. The imaging and treatment stage are seperated and done sequentially. Meaning that e.g. an image is taken, a biopsy needle is inserted in what is thought to be the right location, another image is taken to verify the location of the needle, the needle is repositioned, etcetera. 

However, it could be vastly advantageous to have the ability to perform procedures while the patient is still inside the MRI scanner. Large steps have been taken for biopsy with the Stormram system.

As the concept of actually performing medical procedures inside a MRI scanner is still fairly new, a general platform could help others develop new techniques and technology.
Therefore this assignment focusses on creating a 6 DOF, fully MR safe robot which can be used with different tooltips to later enable further development in e.g. cryoablation and making small incisions while the patient remains inside the MRI scanner.