The Robotics and Mechatronics group is responsible for many courses in the BSc and MSc phases. Below is an overview of the courses that are taught. For detailed information, refer to the specific OSIRIS pages.

BSc Phase

Course code Course name Inquiries
202001043 PSMC in CS/EE-M10: Cyber-Physical Systems Douwe Dresscher
202001043 ECSI in CS/EE-M10: Cyber-Physical Systems Jan Broenink
202001139 Coordinator of EE/AT-M6: Systems & Control Gijs Krijnen
202001140 Control Engineering in EE/AT-M6 Antonio Franchi
202001141 Engineering System Dynamics in EE/AT-M6 Wesley Roozing / Geert Folkertsma
202001142 Project Mechatronics in EE/AT-M6 Gijs Krijnen
20170030 Design Honours Module Gijs Krijnen
202001152 Programming 2 in EE-M7b: Network Systems Jan Broenink
202000820 Digestive System in TM-M5 Françoise Siepel
202000100 Introduction to Smart Cities Edwin Dertien
202000961 Smart Environments Core in Create-M2 Edwin Dertien
202000980 Smart Technology Core in Create-M5A Edwin Dertien
202000981 Sensors in Create-M5A Edwin Dertien
202000965 Intro Physical systems and their Dynamic Behaviour in CRE-M3 Douwe Dresscher
202000979 Modelling and Control in CRE-M5: Smart Technology Douwe Dresscher
202000853 Robot Kinematics in BMT-M9: Biorobotics & HTHT-minor Geert Folkertsma

MSc Phase

Course code Course name Inquiries
202200100 Systems Engineering Jan Broenink
202200109 Advanced Software Development for Robotics Jan Broenink
191211110 Modelling and Simulation Wesley Roozing / Geert Folkertsma
202200101 Modelling, Dynamics, and Kinematics Federico Califano / Stefano Stramigioli
202200106 Optimal Estimation in Dynamic Systems Françoise Siepel
202200103 Image Processing and Computer Vision Kenan Niu / Momen Abayazid
201000168 Embedded Systems Laboratory Jan Broenink
201200168 Segmentation and Visualisation Can Ozan Tan / Kenan Niu
201000262 Surgical Navigation Technology Françoise Siepel
201200167 Imaging Techniques Giulio Dagnino / Momen Abayazid
201400427 Transducer Science Gijs Krijnen
201700173 Control for UAVs Antonio Franchi
191211690 EMstatics Gijs Krijnen
202200324 3D Medical Lab Can Ozan Tan / Kenan Niu
202200108 Software Development for Robotics Jan Broenink
201800235 Social Robot Design Edwin Dertien
201800228 Mastering Tinkering Edwin Dertien
201800207 Capita Selecta RaM Momen Abayazid
202200110 Tele-presence in Robotics Douwe Dresscher

Student assistants

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