There are always interesting MSc and BSc assignments available, in the various research project we have. 

Below is a list of assignment proposals for which we are looking for students. Have a look around, and when you have found something that interests you, get in contact with the associated RaM member. You can also check our student page to see what assignments our students are currently engaged in. Lastly, be sure to read the page Final projects at RaM.

MSc assignment
Force sensing in Sunram 7
Design and development of a sensor array for breast cancer monitoring
Dynamic Multi-Camera Calibration and Motion Tracking for Enhanced MoCap Systems
Adaptive control of a Kinova assistive robotic arm
Real-time monocular 3D reconstruction of the bladder
3D printed electrothermal actuators
Mechatronic design of actuation for robots with human-like strength and agility
Musculoskeletal systems for robots: Articulated and biarticulated compliance in actuation
Investigating the motion and force response of a 3D printed soft pneumatic actuator
Optical tracking system calibration for image-guided interventions
Programming a wound care computer vision algorithm with open-source electronics
Implementation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms for Respiratory Motion Estimation Models
Respiratory Motion Estimation using Surrogate Signals
Locating Cytroids
Deep learning-based interpretation and analysis of ultrasound raw data
Development of Deep Learning Models for Unsupervised Labeling of Pathologic Features Apparent in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Development of an AI-based tool to enhance mucosal visualization during endoscopy
3D printed Nylon/Carbon structures for medical implants with integrated sensing
Development of 3D printed sensors for soft robotic actuators
Deep Learning to Generate Fake Brain Tumors
Robot-Assisted Endovascular Procedure
Nonlinear Predictive Control for the OmniMorph Aerial Vehicle
Ergonomic assessment of three different robotic consoles using motion analysis trackers
Motion tracking and ergonomic analysis during laparoscopic surgery
Soft tissue deformation estimation by using SOFA and computer vision in robotic laparoscopic surgery
Development of an augmented reality environment capable of a real time re-positioning of a liver tumor
Develop a motion tracking algorithm of hepatic structures in ultrasound images
Multimodal Image Registration applied to Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasound Hepatic Images
An interactive approach for MRI based interventional navigation