Design and Development of a Haptic Feedback Controller for Enhanced Precision in MRI- guided Biopsies using the Sunram 7

Finished: 2023-07-06

BSc assignment

When a potential breast malignancy is detected, a biopsy is often necessary. While multiple
screening methods are available, some cases are limited to MRI. MRI-guided biopsies can be
performed either inside or outside of the MRI machine. However, manual methods outside of the
MRI can be inaccurate, and biopsies are invasive for patients, creating a demand for improved
accuracy and efficiency.

The RaM group has developed the Sunram robot to address some of these challenges. Currently, the group is developing methods to control the robot. In this project, a control system that provides haptic feedback will be developed and tested to enhance precision and accuracy during MRI-guided biopsies. The result of this research will be a functioning prototype of this system.

Aspects of research:

• Haptics in literature
• Stakeholder analysis
• Tracking methods
• System design
• Calibration of device & tracking system
• Virtual visualisation
• Physical implementation
• Experiments
• Evaluation