Designing an interactive demo setup for the Dual-Hemi CVT

BSc assignment

Some years ago, the Dual-Hemi CVT was designed for research in robot actuation. This is a continuously variable transmission developed at the RaM group in collaboration with Demcon, which also came up with the initial design. This means that instead of a set amount of fixed gear ratios, the transmission can be configured for any effective ratio within its range.

The RaM group wants to turn the transmission into a demo setup for people visiting the RaM lab. The setup already includes actuators and sensors to drive and set the transmission and to measure its input and output.

The goal will be to design an interactive demo setup. The demo setup will have to control the CVT and let the user interact with its workings. The demo setup should be easy and intuitive to use.

To achieve this, the following subgoals are defined:

-     Design an engaging UI for the demo setup

-     Interface the demo setup with the Dual-Hemi CVT

-     Evaluate the effectiveness of the designed demo setup