Intra-Vision: Smart real-time MRI-guided Needle Tracking for Interventional Procedures

MSc assignment

Introduction: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an essential tool for guiding minimally invasive procedures, especially in the field of interventional radiology. Real-time needle tracking during procedures can enhance accuracy and safety, enabling more precise targeting and monitoring of interventions.

This MSc project aims to develop and implement real-time MRI-guided needle tracking algorithms based on advanced image processing and computer vision methods (preferably deep learning methods) for interventional procedures.

Components of the Project:

  • Literature Review:
  • Software System Development:
  • Algorithm Development:
  • Integration with Interventional Procedures:
  • Validation and Testing:
  • Thesis Writing and Reporting:

Potential Challenges:

  • Real-time image processing requirements for real-time MRI data.
  • Integration with existing MRI systems available in TechMed.

Expected Outcomes:

  • A functional real-time MRI-guided needle tracking method/algorithm/system.
  • Validation of the system's accuracy and feasibility.
  • Recommendations for clinical implementation.

This project would contribute to the advancement of MRI-guided interventions, providing a valuable tool for clinicians in real-time monitoring and guidance during minimally invasive procedures. This project will be co-supervised by Dr. Wyger Brink (Magnetic Detection & Imaging, TechMed Centre).