Mechatronic Design Of A Dynamic Multi-Camera System For Robotic Applications

MSc assignment

Motion capture (MoCap) systems are indispensable tools in various fields, such as animation, biomechanics, and virtual reality. A critical aspect of MoCap systems is the hardware design and control of multiple cameras to accurately capture and track motion in dynamic environments.

Objectives: Two objectives of this internship project are as follows:
1. To design and fabricate a mechatronic system comprising multiple cameras capable of dynamic calibration and synchronization.
2. To develop control algorithms for the coordinated movement and positioning of cameras in real-time to optimize motion capture quality.

Work plan:
1. Mechatronic Design:
• Selection and integration of cameras, motors, actuators, and sensors for the dynamic multi-camera system.
• Design and fabrication of mechanical structures and mounts to support and position the cameras.
• Implementation of communication interfaces and synchronization protocols for seamless integration of camera control.
2. Control Algorithm Development:
• Design and implementation of control algorithms for camera movement, focusing on trajectory optimization/planning and synchronization.
3. Report:
• A short technical report to explain the details.