ROS2 – Xenomai4 bridge on Raspberry Pi

MSc assignment

Currently in the RAM lab, Raspberry Pis equipped with FPGAs are used for both education and rapid prototyping. The software framework that is running on it has been developed a few years ago and has been in use since then. The framework developed consist of ROS2 and Xenomai3. With the usage of the setup, some shortcomings have been discovered with the software.

The goal of this project is to create a new software architecture for the Raspberry Pi - FPGA setup. This new architecture will upgrade the framework with a newer version of Xenomai. The old framework can not be directly used as it is not forward compatible. The new framework should solve the two biggest shortcomings. The first one not being able to (partially) incorporate Xenomai into the ROS2 environment. The second being the limited variety of communication variables between the Xenomai and Linux kernel. Furthermore, this new structure should give the users of the system a structural and intuitive way to integrate their solutions into the system.