Technical feasibility analysis for Robotic Avatar systems

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About i-Botics

Robotic Avatar systems are physical robotic systems with which an operator controls a robot in a remote location from a dedicated sensory reality pod. The system facilitated real-time and interactive multisensory feedback and interaction, allowing the operator to control the robot as a natural extension of their own body within a hyperrealistic multisensory experience.

Over the past four years, the i-Botics consortium built an advanced Avatar Robotics system that excelled in the prestigious Avatar-XPRIZE competition, a competition focused on pioneering Avatar Robotic systems capable of facilitating real-time human transportation to remote locations. These systems empower individuals not only to engage with people at these distant sites but also to perform tasks on-site, effectively achieving telepresence and telemanipulation. 

Currently, we are committed to advancing this technology and transforming our vision into reality by integrating Avatar Robotics into the fabric of everyday life. We have collected several potential use-cases and want to explore the technical and market feasibility for the application of robotic avatar technology.

The assignment

The goal of this assignment is to evaluate the technical feasibility analysis for the selected use-cases, supported by domain experts from the university. This will include:

  • Analysis of the use-cases to develop detailed sets of functional and technical requirements
  • A study on the technological state of the art to identify current and future capabilities of robotic systems
  • A systematic evaluation of the technical feasibility given the requirements and technological state of the art.