Design and Development of a Haptic Feedback Controller for Enhanced Precision in MRI- guided Biopsies using the Sunram 7

This study presents the design and development of software, used for a haptic feedback controller specifically tailored to the Sunram7 robot. The aim of this research is to improve user experience and biopsy accuracy. Methods to develop such a system are explored.

MRI-guided biopsies play an important role in determining the malignancy of a lesion found in breast tissue. When a biopsy is done, several factors influence the precision and accuracy of the needle placement. To minimize the effect of these factors, a prototype of a haptic-enabled robotic system is built to provide feedback to the user to improve control.

The study investigates several subquestions to support the research goal. First, relevant safety features are identified and implemented to ensure the safety of the user and patient. Secondly, the design process will focus on conveying important information to the user through haptic feedback. Results indicated that users achieved an average error of 3.09mm when hitting the targets, and the maximum system delay measured was 100ms. Finally, user tests were conducted to assess the perceived usability of the controller. The feedback received through a survey indicated a usability rating of 6.25/10.