There are always interesting MSc and BSc assignments available, in the various research project we have. 

Below is a list of assignment proposals for which we are looking for students. Have a look around, and when you have found something that interests you, get in contact with the associated RaM member. You can also check our student page to see what assignments our students are currently engaged in. Lastly, be sure to read the page Final projects at RaM.

MSc assignment
3D Printed piezo-resistive flow sensors for use on wings
Development of a 3D printed torsional sensor
Locating Cytroids
Model-based generalised inverses of Jacobians
Exploiting the rotor geometry in the interaction control of tilt rotor UAVs under the influence of proximity effect
test assignment
Orientation and position sensor integration in an Ambru flexible endoscope
Design of an 3D printed actuation platform for concentric tube robots.
3D printed stretchable 2D pressure-sensitive shoe sole by using multi-frequency impedance tomography
Characterizing the anisotropic conductivity of 3D printed conductors using scanning impedance microscopy in three dimensions
Bayesian-based learning of flapping-wing kinematics for bio-inspired aerial vehicles
Model-based reinforcement learning of underactuated mechanical systems with lumped and distributed parameters in the port-Hamiltonian framework
Development of an AI-based tool to enhance mucosal visualization during endoscopy
Dynamic Control of the DLR Suspended Aerial Manipulator
3D printed Nylon/Carbon structures for medical implants with integrated sensing
Optimization of the electrode number and placement for Irreversible electroporation treatment
Design of a 3D printed exo-aid with integrated EMG electrodes
Field-weakening and fatigue management for explosive robotics
Design and control of efficient and powerful robot joints
Aerial manipulation of deformable objects
Modeling, Simulation and Control of a set-up built to study flapping motion.