Haptic rendering/control for underactuated QB softhand using Haption H Glove

Telerobotics allows a human to perform tasks in remote, possibly dangerous locations from a safe, hospitable cockpit. The human should have an immersive experience of this remote location in order to be ready for unpredictable situations or fine skilful tasks which could not all be reliably automated. Using haptic feedback of the hand, the human can feel what the robot is doing, especially in interactive tasks such as grasping objects and skilful manipulation.

The qb robotics soft-hand will be used as the follower/slave device along with the Haption H Glove, as the master device. The advantages of the qb soft-hand-flexibility, adaptability and ability to grasp a large variety of objects – comes along with the simplicity of a single motor actuation and feedback.

This master thesis will attempt to develop a Haptic controller structure that supports at least the control of
4 Degrees of Freedom with haptic feedback. Additional sensors will be added only if necessary.