Integration of hard and soft real-time tasks in Cyber-Physical Systems

At RaM, two interfaces between LUNA, a hard real-time CSP-capable execution framework, and ROS, a distributed robotics middleware, have been developed. This allows developers to offload supervisory algorithms that do not need to satisfy real-time requirements to a more resource-rich platform, while loop controllers and hardware interfacing are executed on embedded hardware. Even though this interface to ROS exists, it is not often used in the development of robot software.

In the project, the shortcomings of the existing ROS-LUNA bridge are determined. By adding UDP as an additional transport type, the utility of signals over a wireless network is increased. To enable users of the TERRA/LUNA toolchain to combine hard real-time control with soft real-time algorithms, methods to connect soft and hard real-time tasks with the use of the ROS-LUNA bridge are provided and evaluated on a real-time system.    

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