Bi-directional impedance reflection for Cartesian space telemanipulation control to reduce the effect of time delay

Finished: 2020-07-22

MSc assignment
With telerobotics a robot is able to perform tasks on remote locations. For some of these tasks human expertise is needed for assessing and responding to unpredictable situations. To perform these tasks, the user must be able to exactly feel what the robot is doing. With the use of sensors and haptic feedback this can be made possible.

A big drawback of teleoperation is  time delay, which causes instabilities in the system. Different methods are described which deal with these instabilities. This master thesis will focus on impedance reflection techniques.
This is done by making two simplified models of the master and slave device. The master will interact with a model of the slave device and vica versa. These models are constantly changed by their estimators which will estimate the impedance of the master and slave environment. This approach results in less influence of the time delay, because the master and slave device are decoupled. This has the advantage that the force feedback towards the user and slave will be instant. Which results in less influence of time delay and a better user experience.