The conception, development, implementation of a NMPC controller for the OmniMorph

Finished: 2023-06-12

MSc assignment

The master assignment concerns the conception, development,implementation and testing on real hardware of a NMPC controller for the OmniMorph. The OmniMorph is an octorotor and has two servomotors that can tilt all the propellers at once to trade off between omnidirectionality and energy efficiency.

The research questions of the master thesis assignment are the following:
— what is the best model to use in an optimization-based control for the OmniMorph? The model includes the dynamic equations of motion and the input constraints (Trade-off extensiveness/complexity)
— what is the best objective function to use in order to encompass both tracking ability and energy high-fidelity efficiency coming from actual energy consumption model and measurements?
— how to best tune the many parameters fo the controller?
— will the NMPC able to control the real platform in real time, while being implemented onboard with the computational capabilities available onboard?
— will the NMPC outperform existing Lyapunov-based reactive controller?