D-MoCap: Dynamic Multi-Camera Calibration and Motion Tracking for Enhanced MoCap Systems

MSc assignment


Motion capture (MoCap) systems play a critical role in various domains, including security, medical examination, sports analysis, and robotics. The accurate calibration and motion tracking of multiple cameras in dynamic environments are essential for ensuring the effectiveness of such systems. This master's thesis project aims to develop a robust and efficient framework for dynamic multi-camera calibration and motion tracking.


The primary objectives of this thesis project are as follows:

  1. To design and implement a dynamic multi-camera calibration method that can adapt to changing camera configurations and environmental conditions.
  2. To develop an efficient and real-time motion tracking system that can seamlessly integrate with the calibrated camera setup.
  3. To evaluate the proposed framework's performance through real-world experiments and comparisons with existing methods.

Research Questions:

The research questions that will guide this project include:

  1. How can we design a dynamic multi-camera calibration approach that accommodates variations in camera configurations?
  2. What algorithms and techniques are suitable for real-time motion tracking in a multi-camera setup?
  3. How does the proposed framework compare to existing methods in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability?