Design of an anti-slip control system of a Segway RMP 50 omni platform

Finished: 2017-07-07

BSc assignment

This assignment is part of a bigger project carried out by the i-Botics centre. The project is about telerobotics with the goal to make a robot which is controlled from a remote location. With the use of sensors and haptic feedback the user is able to exactly feel what the robot is doing. The robot consists out of a Segway RMP 50 omni attached to a platform and is controlled using a joystick. To this platform a KUKA Light-Weight Robot 4+ is attached with a RightHand Robotics ReFlex TakkTile.

The Segway RMP 50 omni is controlled by a joystick this joystick translates his movement into a velocity controlling the robot. Omnidirectional wheels can slip on smooth surfaces. This results in a deviation from the desired motion. The goal of this assignment is to build a system that corrects unwanted motion using sensors and feedback control. Different sensors will be investigated and the currently applied open loop control will be extended with feedback control using these sensors. The robot runs on a robotic operating system(ROS) and functionality is programmed in C++. The developed functional code will be made in a modular, ROS-independent structure; in this way these blocks can be reused in later stages or different robots.