Development of an embedded systems demonstrator

Finished: 2023-07-12

BSc assignment

In recent years the availability and quality of embedded control hardware have significantly improved. For this reason, this project aims to test the computational and communication performance of modern embedded control hardware. To be more specific, a combination of a Raspberry Pi 4 and an icoBoard containing an FPGA. To accomplish this, a demonstrator will be constructed. This demonstrator also aims to get potential students who are visiting open-house or information days interested in embedded software by showing them what is possible with embedded software.

The initial focus is on brainstorming ideas and deciding on what kind of demonstrator to make. This depends on the available time and what the potential students find interesting. Furthermore, the selected demonstrator must align with the activities of RaM. Afterwards, the focus shifts to working out the chosen idea in more detail and building the demonstrator.