DigiWorld - DIY super cheap orbital 3D scanner utilising a phone's camera for extended reality

BSc assignment

This bachelor thesis explores the design and implementation of a do-it-yourself (DIY) orbital 3D scanner that leverages the camera of a smartphone for extended reality (XR) applications. The project aims to create an affordable and accessible solution for capturing three-dimensional models of small physical objects (approx. 10-40cm in height), enabling immediate 3D visualization in XR environments. The thesis outlines the hardware components (motors and encoder), software algorithms (control and computer vision), and camera calibration techniques required to construct the fully autonomous 3D scanner. Additionally, the student will evaluate the performance and limitations of the developed system through experimentation and analysis. The findings demonstrate the feasibility and potential of using low-cost (less than 100 euro) technologies to facilitate the wide spread of 3D scanning functionality in XR applications.

*** This assignment has been taken by one student. Not available anymore!