Insights of Tele-Handshake

Finished: 2023-08-29

MSc assignment

Tele-operations have received a lot of attention in robotics research because they allow humans to do complex and sometimes dangerous tasks from a distance. However, human needs do not stop at performing tasks in industrial environments. Humans' social needs are also quite important. As a result, robotics research has expanded to include not just the study of tele-operational systems that execute industrial tasks but also the study of telepresence robotics, which is a robotics research topic that combines tele-operational robotics with interaction robotics. During a Human-robot - Interaction, physical contact plays a major role in the numerous applications of social robots. As an interactive non-verbal behaviour, it is crucial to enhance the naturalness of the interaction. The handshake is a more significant activity than other physical exchanges that do not need significant touch, such as high-fives.

This assignment aims to evaluate the effects of a robotic handshake system on the human experience, qualitative research on components of the handshake in a social environment. To understand the social and technological aspects of the tele robotics Handshake, a comprehensive user study will be conducted.