Intra-Control - Bilateral Control Scheme for the Integration of Dynamic Medical Imaging and Surgical Robots

MSc assignment


The increasing demand for precision and real-time responsiveness in surgical procedures has led to the exploration of innovative technologies. This master thesis aims to develop and evaluate a bilateral control scheme that seamlessly integrates dynamic medical imaging with surgical robotic systems. By combining the strengths of real-time imaging and robotic precision, this research seeks to enhance surgical outcomes and pave the way for advancements in minimally invasive procedures.



Develop a real-time customized bilateral control scheme tailored to the integration of dynamic medical imaging (different imaging modalities) and surgical robots.

Evaluate the performance and efficacy of the proposed system through simulations and experimental validations.

Explore potential applications and implications of the developed bilateral control scheme in real-world surgical scenarios.

Expected Outcomes:

Development of a novel bilateral control scheme for the integration of dynamic medical imaging and surgical robots with advanced image processing and surgical navigation technologies.

Evaluation of the proposed system's performance through simulations and experiments.

This research is expected to contribute to the advancement of surgical robotics by providing a robust and efficient bilateral control scheme. The successful integration of dynamic medical imaging with surgical robots has the potential to revolutionize minimally invasive procedures, improve surgical precision, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.