RobErgo - Ergonomic assessment of three different robotic consoles using motion analysis trackers

MSc assignment

Robotic assisted surgery gained an increased popularity over the years, showing to be superior to open and laparoscopic approach in performing different procedures [1][2][3]. Beyond the clinical benefit, different authors also reported an ergonomic advantage - defined by the optimization of one’s physical environment to enhance surgeons work performance - of robotic surgery on both laparoscopy and open surgery [4].

Over the time different robotic platform have been developed with the aim of improving both robotic clinical performance and surgeon’s comfort [5]. As surgery required a physical effort, often imposing to the surgeon obligatory postures during operations, improvement in ergonomic is an active field of research.

Currently, Da Vinci Robot (Intuitive SurgicalÒ), CMR Robot (VersiusÒ) and Hugo Robot (MedtronicÒ) represent the main robotic platforms. The aim of this project is to assess the ergonomic differences between these three platforms by using the X-Sense motion tracker (MTw Awinda). The same exercise will be performed on the three robotic platforms by a single surgeon. Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) score will be used to assess the ergonomic of different body areas in different moment of the exercise. The results of this study could lead to a further implementation of the robotic platforms, with obvious benefits during surgical procedure.

The required skills include: 

signal processing, data analysis, human-robot interface, skill analysis, and clinical study. Prior knowledge of Matlab or python is preferable. 

This master thesis project is a collaboration work with French institution (IRCAD):  



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