RobErgo - Motion tracking and ergonomic analysis during laparoscopic surgery

MSc assignment

Laparoscopic surgery is widely spread throughout the world, representing the gold standard for the treatment of different diseases [1][2]. During laparoscopic procedures, the monitor is usually placed near the operating table. However, many digestive surgical procedures required different positions for different operators, forcing the surgeon or the assistant to assume uncomfortable positions during surgery (3). In the last years, some hospitals decided to equip the operating rooms with additional monitors to try to improve the surgical ergonomics, ideally reducing torso twisting or forced neck position during surgery (4).

Currently, only some operating rooms are equipped with multiple monitors, and there are no studies on their real ergonomic benefits.

The aim of this project is to assess the ergonomic advantage of multiple monitors on the surgeon and the assistant by using the X-Sens motion tracker (MTw Awinda). 

A common digestive surgical procedure (such as a cholecystectomy) will be performed by a surgeon and assistant looking at a single monitor and then repeated with multiple monitors. Assessing the ergonomic differences of the two settings could improve the arrangement of the operating rooms.


The required skills include: signal processing, data analysis and visualization, clinical study and motion tracking. If you know deep learning and advanced data processing methods, these skills are welcome.

This master thesis project is a collaboration work with French institution (IRCAD):  



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