SpinCopter: Modeling and Control

Finished: 2023-07-07

BSc assignment

Multi-rotor drones, such as quadrotors, have very limited energy resources, which reduces their flying time and operational range. Such limitation can be theoretically explained from the momentum theory, indicating that a vehicle is more aerodynamically efficient when more airflow is involved for propulsion.

SpinCopter is an example to address this issue. This drone is composed of a propeller on one side of the centre of gravity and a wing on the other side of the centre of gravity. The propeller is tilted about yB with a fixed angle. While flying, the propeller generates forces, and reaction torques to drive the entire vehicle spins about its vertical axis, namely yawing. The wing subsequently generates lift due to the yawing motion. There is an aileron on the tip of the wing to control the lift generated.

The control inputs of the system are propeller speed and aileron deflection.