B.E.S.T. Innovation

Open your mind to medical innovation! Join us for our free on-site course and learn how to transform an idea into a real product.

From 23rd to 27th August at the IHU & IRCAD in Strasbourg.

The B.E.S.T. (Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies) INNOVATION course is an original training program for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students in medicine, engineering, and management.

B.E.S.T aims to inspire future innovators and entrepreneurs in the medical field. B.E.S.T offers a free online course as well as a one-week hands-on training session at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery. The program includes engineering and entrepreneurship workshops as well as hands-on experience in laparoscopy, robotic surgery, and flexible endoscopy.

Unlock your Leadership Potential and Creativity!

The program is open to surgeons, engineers, scientists, or fresh graduates in business and economics wanting to learn how to drive innovation in medicine. Stimulate your creativity in a unique environment that combines training from world-renowned experts, research and experimentation labs, prototyping workshops as well as access to a concept incubator.

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