ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for Momen Abayazid!

On September 22, 2022, Momen Abayazid received the ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for his contribution as work-package leader of the IMPACT project.

The email he received:

Dear Momen,

Please accept our compliments on winning the ITEA Award of Excellence 2022 for Innovation. You were chosen, as a partner in the IMPACT project, in recognition of your outstanding contribution to the ITEA programme. With the ITEA Award of Excellence, we aim to highlight concrete examples of best practices by acknowledging outstanding achievements - high-level technical contributions based on true international collaboration that lead to significant results and thus further promote the programme and its goals. This year the ITEA Awards of Excellence focussed on a set of key achievements for ITEA: Innovation, Business impact and Standardisation.

"Your project was selected, amongst others, because IMPACT has developed several technological innovations in the fields of image processing, control of robotic operations and dashboards for patient data integration and presentation. It makes progress in data intelligence, 3D planning of surgery and workflow optimization. Integrated demonstrations of the new technologies have been developed for the 3 use cases in the domains of cardiac treatment, liver oncology and brain oncology."