Flying robotic birds

Robirds are robotic birds that closely resemble natural birds, both in appearance and in flight behaviour: they fly by beating their wings, can soar, and have speed and wing frequencies similar to a real bird. The peregrine falcon model is capable of flying up to 60 kilometre per hour (16 metre per second) and is indistinguishable from a real peregrine falcon, both on radar and by potential pest birds. It is a perfect nature-inspired and nature-friendly means of bird control.

Research and business

Research in the Robird project focuses on how it flies—because flapping-wing flight isn’t fully understood yet—in collaboration with the Engineering Fluid Dynamics group; and to increase the autonomy of the bird by adding sophisticated control. Meanwhile, a spin-off company has formed that develops the commercial aspect of the Robird: bird control, by Clear Flight Solutions. The company’s website shows a beautiful video of the Robird.

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