Skin lesion surface area and erythema intensity calculation for PASI determination using stereo vision

Finished: 2019-07-05

BSc assignment

With a stereo camera 3D point clouds can be constructed from one looking angle. However, with just one looking angle a complete 360° 3D model of an object cannot be made. Complete 3D models can already be made with an enormous and expensive camera setup, which is not very convenient. Think of hospitals, where there might be only one of these setups because of the price, and patients might be intimidated by it because of the size. The goal of this project is to be able to make a complete 360° 3D model using 3D point clouds from a stereo camera, such that making a 3D model of e.g. an arm or a leg becomes easier and more affordable.

The stereo camera will be used to make multiple 3D point clouds from different looking angles. These single­view point clouds will be pre-processed, in order to remove noise. Then by merging them into one image, a complete 3D model point cloud should be obtained. This model will be post-processed in order to remove imperfections and to reconstruct a mesh surface.

The experiments will be done on arms and/or legs, in order to inspect wounds or anomalies on the skin.