Best Paper Award at the IEEE ICUAS 2024 Conference for Antonio Franchi

Prof. Antonio Franchi and his international collaborators have received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE ICUAS 2024 Conference, arguably the most important conference of the year on flying systems in robotics and control, for the following work:

Title: Experimental Validation of Sensitivity-Aware Trajectory Planning for a Quadrotor UAV Under Parametric Uncertainty
Authors: A. Srour, S. Marcellini, T. Belvedere, M. Cognetti, A. Franchi, P. Robuffo Giordano



Additional Info:

- Conference: 2024 International conference on unmanned aircraft systems, June 4-7, Chania, Greece

- the work has been done in the context of the Autoassess project of which the co-author Antonio Franchi (Full Prof. at RAM) is the PI for the RAM department of EEMCS

Link to the funding project

The main achievement of the presented work is to introduce methods for the generation of trajectories for flying vehicles, which minimize the input and state sensitivity of the real execution in spite of model uncertainties. The methods are demonstrated with real experiments on flying robots. Thanks to these new methods we are closer to be able to safely fly inside dangerous ballast tanks of ships to let aerial robots perform the inspection being remotely supervised by humans. In this way humans will avoid risking their lives performing the inspection in first person as they currently do.