AutoASSESS: AUTOnomous Aerial inSpection of GNSS-denied and confinEd critical infraStructureS


AutoASSESS is a Horizon Europe project focused on developing Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) that can autonomously inspect critical infrastructures, such as ballast water tanks.
The objective is to protect human surveyors and workers from dangerous and dirty confined areas by employing efficient UAVs. They will contribute to saving human lives and significantly reduce inspection costs and time.
The project involves academic partners, DTU, NTNU, TUM, UZH, industrial partners with expertise in UAVs and miniaturized electronics, and ship owners.

The objective can be achieved by designing UAVs capable of performing autonomous contact inspection of maritime vessels. This goal breaks down into the following tasks:

  • Precise Motion and Force Control
  • Collision Tolerant Mechanical Design & Robot Behavior
  • Onboard perception capabilities for Generic Multi-Rotors
  • Improved Control Capabilities for standard multi-rotor commercial platforms to achieve precise 6D force tracking using portable mechatronic modules

For students:

If you are a student at UT and want to contribute to this exciting project, please contact the Principal Investigator of the project (Antonio Franchi) whose contact details can be found on this page.

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