Encoder Motor / MultiMotor

Sensorless Encoder Motor and Multi-axis Motor Technology

This project investigates multi-phase electric (stepper) motors with special properties.

What about actuating multiple output shafts using only one stator? Or measuring absolute position without physical position encoder, without compromises in build volume, production cost and/or torque? We make this possible thanks to innovative technologies, often utilizing seven phases in the stator enabling bidirectional transfer of power and information across multiple "channels" (harmonics).

Future ideas are the development of a variable impedance actuator, an actuator with multi-turn absolute position encoder, efficient outrunner BLDC motors with multiple shafts and/or absolute position encoder(s) etc. Contact v.groenhuis@utwente.nl for BSc/MSc project opportunities, the possibilities are almost endless!

A spin-off (MultiMotor) has been established to commercialize innovations to the market.


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