Intelligent robotic endoscopes for improved healthcare services

In Intelligent Robotic Endoscopes (IRE) for Improved Healthcare Services we envision creating intelligent robotics solutions, extending current endoscope technology with robotics control that is based on learning from currently collected human operator data, coupled with novel bio-mechanical modeling techniques, and sensory feedback as well as soft robotics phantom for training. 

IRE will enable a new generation of intelligent robots that through data, simulation and learning can interact with the interior of a living human while communicating with a human operator. IRE will boost the design and configuration of robotic endoscopes using digital twins and simulation, and careful inclusion of clinicians will speed up the process of integration. IRE will raise the level of autonomy by building upon simulation, imaging, and learning to yield an increased interpretation and understanding of the complex real- world environments, capable of anticipating the effect of human motions, adapting and replanning to avoid entanglement. 

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